Library Blogs I Love

Things I am currently excited for:

  1. The Holidays (what teacher/child isn’t…am I right?)
  2. Becoming a librarian
  3. Waiting for the next Marvel Comics movie to come out

So, since I can’t wait until I one day hold the magical title of Media Specialist in Frederick County, I will settle for reading my current list of favorite librarian blogs.

Blog #1  The Daring Librarian

The author of this blog, Gwenyth Jones, is awesome and I want to meet her! The first post I saw was about having a Pokemon Go Scavenger Hunt in the library. Come on, how cool is that? In her blog she provides lesson ideas, fun things to do in the library, tech tips, organization tips, and a bunch of other useful resources. Her blog is fun to look at and every article you read, you are sure to find something practical to use. In her post “6 Geeky Tech Tips for the New School Year” , she provides great ideas to up your tech game. She gives you outside resources to look at and great ideas/ways you can use the new technology in your classroom. Her blog is great for librarians who want to incorporate more technology into everyday use, as well as add an element of unexpected fun to your every day.

Blog #2  Mr. Library Dude 

This blog by academic librarian Joe Hardenbrook provides a wide array of information for librarians. Joe talks about some personal ideology as a librarian, but he also provides a lot of useful resources on his blogs. Some of his articles contain information such as: how to find a job as a librarian, interview questions, special education in the library, marketing your library, working with online students, and more. This particular blog is geared towards librarians who teach older grades, and it also provides great resources for the librarian themselves. In one of his articles “Voting: Information is Power!,” Joe provided ideas on how you should approach the sensitive topic of voting. In the article he reminds librarians that we aren’t here to provide students with our personal opinions (no matter how hard it is to keep quiet). We are here to provide information for our students so they can make their own informed decisions.

Blog #3 Not So Distant Future

Not So Distant Future is written by Carolyn Foote. In her blog, she writes about library databases, technology, ebooks, leadership in the library, and tips on how to organize your library. This blog provides great idea for librarians to use in their library. Carolyn talks about her own experiences using certain programs and testing out different ideas. She also writes about popular authors and books. It’s very easy to find your way around her blog, and she also provides easy access to popular topics, buy including tags on the side of her blog. Her article “Consumer Intelligence,” she talks about her struggles with using databases on students devices and trying to keep library databases relevant in a world where everyone is more likely to just search on Google. This blog is great for librarians to see different technologies, databases, and resources used in the library before they attempt to use them in their own classroom.


4 thoughts on “Library Blogs I Love

  1. Rachel,

    The library blogs that you have selected are amazing! I decided to do classroom and educator blogs for my assignment, but I looked at the first two when I was considering doing my blog posts about library blogs. The Daring Librarian is a great resource! I love her Pokemon Go idea. Kids aren’t into it as much as they were at the beginning of the year, but it might be a fun thing to do still! What was your criteria for selecting these blogs?


    • Hi Tatiana,
      Thanks! I wanted to make sure I had a wide variety of blogs that contained different content. I felt like daring librarian was more for fun lessons to do in the library. Mr. Library Dude was great for librarians in a professional development sense and Not So Distant Future I felt was a great mix of reviews on things she had tried.


  2. Rachel,
    I love how your blog is in your voice. It feels really comfortable and relaxing to read! I thought that you made some great recommendations as well. I hadn’t heard of Mr. Library Dude before but it sounds really interesting! I’ll have to check it out!


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