Adobe SparkVideo Web Tool 2.0

During a project for my SLM class, I recently discovered Adobe SparkVideo and I am in love! This tool is so useful and will be an amazing resource in my classroom. There are three different types of media you can make with this program: a page, post, and a video. I think the video feature is what I will use most in the classroom, but I can definitely see a use for all three.

So, to become more familiar with this program I decided to make a video project for my students. I wanted to make something I could use right away. We are currently learning about musical opposites so I decided to make a video on loud and soft sounds. The project is geared towards students at a Kindergarten/First grade level. I wanted to first introduce the subject to them and then add some musical concepts in as well. I’ll be using this video as an introduction to the concept and then I am hoping to have the students make a similar (scaled down) version of the video presentation. I think my kiddos will really love using this tool!

I’m going to embed the video tho this post so you can have an idea of what my project looks like and some of the things you can do with SparkVideo. If you’re interested in learning more about SparkVideo or want to try the program for yourself, here is a link to Adobe SparkVideo website.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and can use it as a resource in your classroom.


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